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RE: Analysis: Halbig v. Burwell

Just a quick update; as I predicted, the losers in the 4th Circuit’s King v. Burwell dismissal have today appealed the case to the Supreme Court. There is nothing surprising or unexpected in this; it is standard procedure in the

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Beltway + Border Bill = Melodrama

In today’s episode of The Perils of Pauline Border Supplemental Follies, House leadership  hurriedly pulled the $659 million Border Supplemental legislation from the floor as voting strength melted away throughout the day. Leadership, as I reported last night, had hoped

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RE: Senate Moves Mikulski Bill

As an update to my update of progress on the border bill, late breaking Wednesday is the news House Republicans can not get 218 votes to back the supplemental appropriation bill, even in its pared-down state. The new tactic will

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Boehner v. Obama Suit On Track

It’s not every day we see history made in the beltway– especially with this Congress- but we got a smidgeon today. In a strict party-line vote, House Republicans voted to authorize Speaker Boehner to sue the president to compel him

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Senate Moves Mikulski Bill

Surprising me more than maybe– I told you guys yesterday it wasn’t going to happen– 11 Republicans voted with Democrats to lift the Mikulski Border Bill over the first procedural hurdle. The sense of the Republican caucus is they oppose

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DC Circuit Dismisses Origination Clause Suit Against Obamacare

In a body-blow to freedom lovers everywhere, the DC Circuit upheld the dismissal of Sissal v. HHS, a suit filed under the Commerce and Origination Clauses of the Constitution. Sissel argued the Commerce Clause did not permit the government to

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House Schedules Vote on Border Bill

The House today published their bill on supplemental funding for the border crisis, setting up a Thursday vote. The total package is $659 million, less than half the original $1.5 billion proposal, and several orbital radii from the President’s $3.7

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