Obama’s Gift

“They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men.” John Adams

Americans believe people worldwide dream of democracy. Many Americans seem to believe that if only democracy could be established in every country, peace would reign. Americans believe democracy, the right to vote has been the key to America uniqueness. Could it be that we have mistakenly elevated democracy, our right to vote? After all, Russians can vote. Iranians vote. Nicaraguans apparently loved to vote for Daniel Ortega. Is democracy really of value in these countries? If democracy isn’t of value there, why isn’t it?

In America, we have been blessed with Presidents who’ve respected the rule of law. Each branch of government has specific Constitutional powers that the other two branches have respected. If the President overstepped his Constitutional powers, even his own party valued America’s rule of law enough to hold him accountable. The rule of law has been the key to democracy’s success in America. Other countries have put democracy before the rule of law. Democracy only works if all parties involved in elections & government obey the law.

Obama has no regard for America’s Constitutional laws, Congress, or the Courts. Obama refuses to uphold his sworn duties as he circumvents the Congress, the Courts, & the will of the American people. Democrats are more interested in power than America or the law so they enable Obama’s lawlessness. As President, Obama has proven that the rule of law is supreme. Obama’s wants a fraudulent democracy. Obama envisions a democracy where the masses adoringly vote for him, making him Obama the Decider. Voting really is meaningless except as a form of Obama worship. Laws passed by citizens are meaningless. Laws passed by states are to trampled. Senators & Representatives are to be mocked, ignored, & bypassed. Obama may unwittingly do a great service for America. He may remind us that America was founded on the rule of law by courageous men & women willing to die for democracy.

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