Re: Six Years Into the Obama Era…

It’s Obama’s presidency, but he’s still governing in Bush’s world.

In a manner of speaking, this is correct, just not in the way the writer intends.

This is very much Obama’s presidency, and he still governing (“attempting to rule” is more appropriate) in Bush’s world.

But what exactly is Bush’s world?

It is the world of reality in with men must deal with realities as they are found.

This is NOT what Obama does.

Obama is a community organizer, which is to say that he is an Alinksy troublemaker.

He rose to prominence and the presidency through the soft bigotry of low expectations, ironically married to a cult like devotion on the part of his base.

Obama attempts to influence the world, and difficult Machiavellian world leaders, with the tactics of Alinsky.

But Machiavelli differs from Alinsky in a very simple yet fundamental way.

Alinsky’s rules for radicals works to the degree that your opponent is essentially a virtuous person (or society) who cares about goodness and reputation.

This is so in much the same was as the character John Coffey – in “The Green Mile” described how the serial killer “Wild Bill” killed the two girls: “He killed them with their love.”

So now we have Alinsky disciple Obama strutting onto the world stage and trying to deal with the men like Vladimir Putin.

I assure you, a man trained and formed in the KGB is not going to go weak at the knees like some freshman congressman or CEO simply because there are placard-waving-rhyme-chanting morons on his front lawn being filmed by news crews.

Bush’s world is the real world. This is true despite that fact Bush, as any man, was necessarily wrong at times.

Obama’s world is a fantasy world in which he believes his own boasts and his own press clipping. It is a world in which, because of his simply sleeping in the White House, the world is a better place, the oceans stopped rising, and everything he destroys is Bush’s fault.


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