Illegal Compassion

Glenn Beck, Senator Lee, churches, & others are sending soccer balls, teddy bears, & other items to illegals currently being housed, fed, & cared for by American taxpayers. Apparently Americans are not doing enough for these illegals who’ve mysteriously appeared in Texas, Arizona, and California. Beck believes Americans must “open our hearts” to the illegals immigrant children who have been unlawfully entering the country and “Through no fault of their own, they are caught in political crossfire.” Is Beck unaware that other countries have borders? That other countries do not allow non-citizens to overrun their border, then shower them with food, medicine, gifts, and games? Does Beck believe these illegals & their families are unaware that an American border exists?

Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security Secretary, is also big on compassion, but not on border security or immigration law. “I have personally encountered enough of them to know that we have to do right by the children.” Mr. Johnson has “personally encountered” these illegals without contracting TB, scabies, lice, or other diseases? That is not only compassionate, but also unbelievable. Does Mr. Johnson’s compassion extend to having these disease carrying illegals in his home & community with his family & friends?

Not to be outdone as compassionate elitists, Mark Greenberg, a Health and Human Services official, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, and Gil Kerlikowske, U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner, testified before Congress. These three American taxpayer employees are completely unconcerned with American laws, but deeply concerned about Americans’ responsibility for “the children”. They felt it necessary to educate the Senators about the terrible conditions Americans are forcing illegals to endure.

Coburn took Greenburg to task for preventing Oklahoma colleague Rep. Jim Bridenstine from checking out a detention center for illegals located in Oklahoma. The truth is worse than that. Rep Bridenstine’s call to HHS Deputy Director of the Office of Public Affairs, Ken Wolfe, was refused. Rep. Bridenstine was told by an office flunky to “email” and that he could schedule a tour in 3 weeks. “I think you made a grievous error in denying Congressman Bridenstine access to the facility. I think it was illegal to keep a member of Congress from visiting one of these camps…I’m saying a random check by a member of congress is great for this country because they get to see what it is, not what it’s prepared to be to show,” Coburn said. Of course, Greenburg asserted it was all for the protection of “the children” so what’s a little illegality?

Next, Sen McCain discussed the prohibitions he experienced at an Arizona facility with Kerlikowske. Sen McCain was prohibited from carrying his cell phone, as well as, speaking with staff or children in the facility.“The children have the right to privacy and that’s why we’re not having their faces shown,” said Kerlikowske. “Are you telling me I can’t even speak to staff there? I view that as a violation of my responsibilities. I want it fixed and I want it fixed immediately,” McCain stated.

These Senators are very slow learners! Kerlikowske said it was for the children. What do laws matter when illegals want privacy?

Next up, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate testified, “We have very, very small children who early in this process were spending far too long in a detention cell, sharing a toilet, and eating food that was microwaved because that’s all the agents could provide in the initial push.” (Yes, fellow cruel Americans, it is true! According to Fugate, “somebody’s child” was being fed microwaved food! The horror! Unheard of in America! I wonder how many of these “somebody’s child” illegals even have indoor plumbing at home.) “Until we have enough capacity to ensure that these children are not kept in detention, that there’s a bed, medical care, decent food, a shower, clean clothes – we fail these children,” Fulgate said.
Ok, I’m convinced! America is not worthy of these “somebody’s child” illegals. It is obvious these “kids” would be treated more compassionately and receive better food, housing, & medical care in their home countries. Let’s do the truly compassionate thing and send them all home.

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