DOJ Fails To Investigate IRS?

Independent Journal Review is out today with new data on the IRS mess. Larry O’Connor quotes Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote, as saying they had not been contacted by either FBI, or DOJ, or the Treasury Inspector General just days after Eric Holder assured ABC news no special investigators were needed on the case as FBI was on top of the inquiry.

During an interview with Mr. O’Connor on WMAL radio in Washington, DC, Ms. Englebrecht said:

“That would be exactly ‘no.’ Zero. at no time have they approached us. Only when they are investigating us. Only when they are being adversarial towards us do we ever hear anything from the Department of Justice. There has been no outreach to try and get to the bottom of the scandal at any time.”

It must surely be difficult for FBI to investigate the IRS issue without talking to True the Vote, or any of their people. There have been stories all along about the FBI not talking to the alleged victims, but the quotes I’ve seen before were from a junior associate secretary of the Lower Podunk Tea Party away out in Alaska and the like; therefore I thought nothing of it. So they missed a few, so what, they can’t talk to everybody, and all they really need is an indication one way or the other to direct their investigation. Now I think on it though, I can’t recall reading a quote from any of the allegedly targeted groups saying they had been contacted. Now I wonder if they’ve done any investigation at all.

And True the Vote is a different matter: they are a national organization and have been deeply involved in this mess from the beginning. Katie Pavlich reported in Townhall last April members of Elijah Cummings’ staff (Representative Cummings is Ranking Member of House Oversight and the dude primarily charged with keeping Darrel Issa, the Chair, from uncovering any Democrat shenanigans) were repeatedly in contact with IRS about True the Vote and apparently received some unauthorized tax data. Moreover, as I blogged three days ago, True the Vote is the plaintiff in the second lawsuit (TtV has a FOIA case) to cause a federal judge to order IRS to up the info on the Great Lois Lerner Crashed Hard Drive caper. In that suit, IRS tried to quash it by granting True the Vote tax exempt status and moving for dismissal of the case, but the judge didn’t bite and the case goes forward.

My question is simple: If FBI didn’t think True the Vote was worth talking to about the IRS investigation, just whom did they think was?


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