“Tornado Lifejacket” Introduced

From the “neat ideas” file comes this story:

Inspired by the deadly 2013 Moore, Oklahoma, EF5 tornado that devastated the town on May 20, 2013, Oklahoma inventors Dr. Steve Walker and Stan Schone with ProTecht, LLC™, have developed the nation’s first “tornado lifejacket.”

Made from heavy-duty nylon, an impact gel product and Dyneema®, a high-tech body armor material, and modeled after the old Roman phalanx shields, the duo created a product dubbed BODYGUARD™. The product is a blanketlike, protective shield designed to “provide superior protection for children and teachers while at school.”

“It’s like a life jacket on a ship or on a boat,” Managing Member of ProTecht, LLC™, and Co-Inventor of BODYGUARD™ Stan Schone said. “There is no guarantee that if you go in the water with a lifejacket on that you will survive, but you do have a greater chance of survival with that lifejacket on.”

The school blanket costs around $1,000, while a home version, with less ballistic material, will run between $300 and $550, according to the article.

It may not be a high-tech gizmo with lots of bells and whistles, but it sure seems like a good idea and probably a sound investment if you live in tornado country.


Conservative Wanderer is currently Editor-in-Chief of That's Freedom You Hear! That means anything that goes wrong can be blamed on him. Previously he was a contributor to the PJ Tatler.

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