Re: Passenger Plane Shot Down over Russian-Ukrainian Border

First of all, my prayers go out to the victims and their families.  I hope the truth comes out and you all find justice for this horrendous act.

Now, to follow up on what themaskedblogger has already provided, I’ve heard a couple of other things myself, but some only on the radio (specifically, 790 KABC, The Bryan Suits Show), so I can’t link to all them:

1.  Russian separatists claim they found the 2 black boxes.  They may have turned them over to Russian officials.

2.  There was some word that the Russian separatists had taken control over the crash site and weren’t letting Ukrainians government officials into the area.  I’m not sure how long that is going to last, if it’s true.  It’s an American built plane (NTSB) with Americans on board (FBI?) and with other nationals also on board.  Plus the airline is, I believe, owned by the Malaysian government.  Hopefully the truth comes out.

3.  There was also a rumor that the Kremlin accused the Ukrainians of shooting down the airliner because they were really aiming for Putin’s airplane which was on a similar course and nearby.  However, it was denied later by other Russian officials that Putin’s plane had been in the area at all.

4.  The Ukrainians claim to have evidence that it was the Russian separatists.  I believe they have audio of the separatists discussing the shooting down of a plane within an hour after the report of Malaysian plane crashing.  So even if the separatists did it, it may not have been their intention to kill civilians but rather they though they were shooting at a Ukrainian military plane. Doesn’t give the dead and their families any comfort, of course.  And shows how dangerous it is to give such weapons to unstable groups.

Let the speculation begin.

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