Update: Malasia Air Shoot-Down

My thanks to my colleague, ladykrystyna, for her earlier update with additional data. Briefly, both WaPo and NYT are up with unattributed quotes from “American intelligence officials” confirming the aircraft was, in fact, actually shot down, and with a Russian-made SA-11 system. They know this by the missile flight path toward the plane. They can not– they say they can not– pinpoint the launch area, but WaPo attributes to the same source(s) an allegation it was done by the Russian-backed separatists using a formerly Ukrainian owned SA-11 system which they had recently captured. (Leaving me to wonder, possibly in vain, how they learned how to operate it so quickly. Repeating my original post, this was not a children’s toy, this was a highly sophisticated medium range radar guided missile system.) NYT further links a tubes showing an amateur video of the crash, and audio allegedly of the separatists discussing the shoot-down.


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