Kerry’s Hot-Mic Gaffe

David French has a piece up in NRO today with more than a small amount of common sense.  I suppose I should start off by saying I have opposed Kerry for SecState since the day he was nominated. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but even Hillary was better. Kerry is as lost at sea over foreign affairs as is the President. When former SecDef Gates published his book accusing Vice President Biden of having been on the wrong side of nearly every foreign policy debate for the last half-century or so, I thought he’d wasted the comment as it should have been applied to Kerry.

Kerry’s “deal” with Iran– anybody besides me notice the deadline is now long past, but nobody’s talking about it as there is still no deal?– was lunacy of the first order; far crazier than Hillary’s “reset” with Russia. And Kerry’s descent into the quagmire of Israeli-Palestinian peace was even crazier. For one thing, there can be no peace between two sides when one makes destruction of the other a precondition. The bottom line there is there will be no peace in the foreseeable future as Hamas views peace as a loss. They only get to keep their power and influence if they are fighting Israel. This is self-evident: it is not Israel who is intentionally targeting noncombatants; it is not Israel who has taken no precautions to shield their own people because dead civilians make big headlines.

French, in the NRO piece, makes the obvious point Kerry, unlike many Americans and nearly all of them in “public service,” has combat experience.  Kerry knows first hand what war looks like, and knows also– or should– what great restraint Israel is showing to avoid civilian casualties, far more than most countries, including ours, would use in similar circumstances. I like his quote:

Here is a basic, undeniable fact: If Israel (or for that matter, America) showed anything approaching the same disregard for human life that its enemies do, then Gaza would be in flames from end to end.

Kerry, then, can also see just how hard Israel is trying to avoid the same. All Israel wants to do, in fact, is close down the tunnels Hamas is using to attack them. It is not possible SecState does not know this. It is also not possible he didn’t know he was handing Hamas a propaganda victory by criticizing Israel’s military operation by calling it a “hell of a pinpoint operation.”

Secretary Kerry knows all of this, and yet he still focuses his opprobrium on Israel, instead of the terrorists who are targeting innocent Israeli citizens. He is unqualified for the position of Secretary of State.

This anger betrays his own fundamental failings, not Israel’s.

Ain’t that the borking truth? And there’s an end on’t.


themaskedblogger is a native born Texan, a registered voter and possessed of some minimal ability to read, write and think.

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