More Questions About the Lerner Hard Drive

Just up today, at least two non government affiliated IT experts, plus one former government operator, are questioning the destruction of  the Lerner hard drive:

“Where is the paper trail?” asked Barbara Rembiesa, the head of the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, a nonpartisan trade group of IT professionals. “There is a certification of destruction any time a piece of equipment is sent to a disposal company. … Where is that?”

“Without the certificate of destruction, we don’t know if it was officially destroyed or not,” said Tim LaFleur, another IAITAM member with multiple asset management certifications.

“From a purely contractual standpoint, if you send something over to a contractor, you would have to get a statement back saying they actually completed the work to actually pay them … because then you would know that it was destroyed,” said longtime top government tech official Karen Evans, the OMB administrator for e-govenrment and information technology for the Bush administration.

Koskinen faces Issa again tomorrow. I suspect I can predict some of the questions he will hear. It also wouldn’t surprise me to hear a federal judge or two wonder why such paperwork was not included in IRS’ official response to the courts’ query as to the whereabouts of the hard drive in question.

The IRS would not comment on whether such documents exist.

Imagine my surprise…



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