Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online Finally Jumps the Shark

A post just up at National Review Online by Kathryn Jean Lopez has really made me angry.

In it, Ms. Lopez defends Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s defamatory and disgusting remarks in his recent blog post:

Cardinal Dolan wrote:

A week or so ago, I watched with shame as an angry mob in southern California surrounded buses filled with frightened, hungry, homeless immigrants, shaking fists, and shouting for them to “get out!”

It was un-American; it was un-biblical; it was inhumane.  It worked, as the scared drivers turned the buses around and sought sanctuary elsewhere.

The incendiary scene reminded me of Nativist mobs in the 1840’s, Know-Nothinggangs in the 1850’s, and KKK  thugs in the 1920’s, who hounded and harassed scared immigrants, Catholics, Jews, and Blacks.

And what is Ms. Lopez’s response to this:

Now I read that as a shepherd prodding his sheep, highlighting humanity.

No, Ms. Lopez, that’s a leftist Catholic trying to remain relevant and continuing to screw over the American people while standing shoulder to shoulder with those who would see the Church destroyed.

Full disclosure:  I’m a practicing Catholic.  Now, Ms. Lopez, could you please pull your head out of your backside and realize what this man is calling those people or anyone who opposes illegal immigration?

It’s not the same as the KKK or Nazis or anything of the sort.

And yes, our ancestors came from elsewhere. But they came legally (including my family) and they didn’t demand rights they were not entitled to.

This wouldn’t be a crisis if we secured our borders. I’m fine with the idea of giving them a sandwich and some water and brief rest before returning them to their country of origin. Jesus never said that a nation should just destroy its sovereignty out of love and kindness. Jesus spoke about love and charity between individuals.  Jesus’ teachings don’t all translate into public policy.

I know that right now the only power I have is to perhaps give some charity to the children who have been used as pawns.  And I certainly expect the government to provide food and shelter if they are going to keep them in custody (we wouldn’t do less for those we hold in prison for violent crimes).  But I still want them all sent back. If they want to be here, they must follow the rules. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

Turning them back from those towns was the right thing to do.  The Obama Admin has hoodwinked and been secretive about bringing these people in to different cities and states, children or not. There are reports that they are not properly medically screened before even arriving at the housing facilities run by the government, and then they are later handed Notices to Appear (which they call “permisos” or permits).  They then disappear into the populace.  Hardly any of them show up pursuant to the Notices. Jim Avila of ABC World News even reported on at least one woman he tried to follow – she disappeared and no one answered at the address she had given to the authorities. Even worse, who knows who the children are being given to. There are reports that the relatives are here illegally and nothing is done to check their status before releasing the children to them.  If we are not checking the person’s identity or status, how do we know the person is a relative?  We could be aiding in child trafficking for God’s sake!

You know, Glenn Beck’s tone may have not been to everyone’s liking. But it was nothing like this. Nothing.

I’m ashamed to be Catholic sometimes. I really am.

Ms. Lopez has finally jumped the shark in her constant defense of what the Catholic Church is doing and saying regarding the issue of illegal aliens and the border crisis.  She cannot even condemn these hateful and defamatory words used by Cardinal Dolan.  She has lost all credibility in my eyes.

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