Re: In Praise of Term Limits

Great idea, themaskedblogger.  I’ve never seen it presented as you have – limiting total time in “public service”, rather than just limiting time in Congress alone.  It reminds me about the politics here in California.  Although there are term limits, the same people just keep switching what position they are running for and they never go away.

The ultimate problem is that being a politician has become a career rather than something you did for a short time and went back to your own business or farm.

I have heard the argument against term limits as being about the people’s right to choose their elected officials.  And I love the quote from the Tom Clancy book.  Spot on.

But I also came to your same conclusion – it is a necessary evil.  And with term limits I agree to limiting perks as well (it should keep the career politicians away).  Perhaps not orange jumpsuits and army cots, but something close.  Perhaps one day we can take the limits away, but honestly, the system is so corrupted right now, we are in desperate need of something in order to to reign in the federal government.

A really smart guy had an idea about that:  The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin.  I think a group discussion of that book might be a good idea.  (Hint, hint).

But I digress.  The federal government is overbloated and the politicians have basically turned themselves into tyrants.  I remember thinking even in my youth that we don’t have one dictator.  We have 535 of them.  And the party system is part of that corruption.  They control who gets to run and we’ve seen lately exactly what happens when you try to change that (see Mississippi for example).  That should be a wake up call to more and more Americans – this is not about party, this is about We the People.

A good start would be term limits, but I do go back to Mr. Levin’s suggestions – it’s more than that.  It’s also about the Leviathan as a whole.  It needs gutting.  Term limits may help that happen.  However, even if we can vote the bastards out, the bureaucracy remains.  That has to be shrunk down to Constitutional size if we are every to feel real liberty again.  One of Mr. Levin’s liberty amendments is to “Subject federal departments and bureaucratic regulations to reauthorization and review”.

We all know what the problems are.  Our next problem is what do we do about it?  I think that many of us feel like we’ve been spinning our wheels, even with the rise of the Tea Party.

I personally think that Mr. Levin’s ideas are a good place to start the discussion.


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