RE: Rick Perry 2016?

To answer my colleague ladykrystyna, as far as I am aware Perry has not mentioned the subject of instate tuition for illegals since he first gaffed such lunacy in 2011. I am sure, as Conservative Wanderer suggests, he will be asked the question if he runs and he will do his best to walk it back. This is especially true if he intends to run on a secure border as now looks likely. As to why… good question. I have always thought it was partly an attempt to position himself as not quite so extremely right as some other candidates in his primary field–  Romney won, you’ll recall, and he’s hardly Red at all, more like Purple– and partly as recognition of Texas demographics. He stood no chance without a solid showing in the home state. He was poorly advised, in other words. I’m sure it was thought good advice at the time although– you are not alone in your opinion– it appears less so now, and in light of his loss.

Perry is a politico to his boot heels. Like most of them, he does what it takes, and he’s not opposed to “improving” his lie in the rough, if you take my meaning. You’re fooling yourself if you think he’s a committed conservative. He leans conservative, yes, and he’ll go that way if it looks like he can. But he’s not as committed to the right as, for example, Mr. Obama is to the left. Mr. Obama has chosen lame duckitude for over four years now rather than move one iota to the right. Perry would not do that. He would “triangulate” ala Clinton.

I’m sick of holding my nose, too. But I also know politics is the art of the possible. To paraphrase Bill Buckley, electoral victory for conservatives lies in voting for the most conservative person who’s actually electable. And Reagan: a person who votes my way 70% of the time is not an enemy. I bow to no person in my burning desire to fix what’s wrong with this country. But I am not fool enough to think it can happen quickly in the absence of civil war; and I understand no peaceful solution is possible if we can’t win elections. As you yourself observe, Perry is not my first choice. But he’d be better than some others I can think of. Something similar is going to happen to me in November. I’m going to vote for RINO John Cornyn. Not because I want to, but because my choice is Davis Alameel.


themaskedblogger is a native born Texan, a registered voter and possessed of some minimal ability to read, write and think.

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