RE: Rick Perry 2016?

Thank you, themaskedblogger, for your thoughts.

But he’s not as committed to the right as, for example, Mr. Obama is to the left. Mr. Obama has chosen lame duckitude for over four years now rather than move one iota to the right. Perry would not do that. He would “triangulate” ala Clinton.

Oh, I’m sure he would triangulate.  But I’m tired of triangulation.  I want principles.

But I also know politics is the art of the possible. To paraphrase Bill Buckley, electoral victory for conservatives lies in voting for the most conservative person who’s actually electable.

Bush 1 – lost the second time and was a squish.

Dole – lost

Bush 2 – won twice but it was close the first time, and 9/11 and the wars had a lot to do with the second round and he was a squish.

McCain – lost

Romney – lost

Basically, all of our choices since Reagan have helped to destroy the conservative brand.  So I’m not sure that we’ve been supporting “the most conservative person who’s actually electable”.  We’ve been supporting the squishiest Republican who might be electable.

I bow to no person in my burning desire to fix what’s wrong with this country. But I am not fool enough to think it can happen quickly in the absence of civil war; and I understand no peaceful solution is possible if we can’t win elections.

Understood.  However, we also can’t keep voting in squishes that only brake slightly while we are still going over the cliff.  We need to vote for people who are going to right the car and turn it around and get it back on the right road.  We have to make some headway, and we haven’t made much at all.  I understand it will take time to fix the mess.  I have been known to say that it took us 100 years to get to this point and it’ll probably take 100 years to fix it all.  But just voting in people with Rs after their name who have almost no conservative beliefs unless cornered means we are ultimately doomed.

I don’t think we need to find the perfect person either, but we need to find someone who will at least espouse and communicate conservative principles and have the courage not to back down when the Left attacks.  I think Americans are looking for a candidate like that.  If they know what that candidate stands for, I think they will get behind him or her.

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  1. themaskedblogger says:

    I won’t post again, but I can’t argue with that.

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