Deal Reached on VA Reforms

Late breaking on Sunday, Politico is up with a story quoting one of their famous unidentified Congressional aides, that Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Jeff Miller, respectively the chairs of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs committees, have reached a deal on the (desperately needed) reforms for the VA. No details are presently available, allegedly they will be released tomorrow. It is expected the deal will include some ability for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to fire non-perfoming people, and make funding available for vets waiting over 30 days to get their needed care outside the VA system.  Presumably there will also be something in the way of a pay-for on the bill as this was one of the biggest hold ups. Current guesses– and they are no more than that– are the total package will come in between 10 and 25 billion.

Assuming this is true, the bill would have to be passed out of the respective committees, to the floor of both Houses for approval, thence to a  conference committee and back to the floor in both houses, all before they adjourn next Friday for a taxpayer-paid campaign holiday planned recess for 5 weeks; and all while both Houses are still trying to do something about the border emergency. That would approach a new land speed record, but it’s not impossible. They passed the 2008 Trafficking law that’s causing all the trouble on the border in about 40 hours.


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