Update: Details on the VA Bill

The Washington Examiner is up with more details on the VA deal that were not available for my post this afternoon:

  • The funding for vets to seek outside care is 10 billion.
  • The grounds for SecVA to fire senior staffers are incompetence and/or lying. There is a 21 day appeal period.
  • 12 billion is net new spending, and will go directly against the deficit.
  • 5 billion is offset from savings within the current Veterans Affairs budget.
  • Some money is included to create a college tuition program for the spouses of veterans KIA and extend an in-state tuition program for vets.

The money for vets to see outside doctors is not limited after all. Sanders said more funding may be needed depending on how many people take advantage of the new program for outside doctors.

I’ll stand by the analysis I offered earlier in the post linked above, except I will now say I am less certain it can get over the top. 5 billion doesn’t seem like enough money to tempt the conservatives; not if they have to swallow 12 billion in new spending and an increase in size of the VA medical system at the same time. We can hope I’m wrong, we need to do something for our people. But I am thinking the conservatives would rather see some more government cut in other areas.


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