House Republicans (Finally) Pass Border Bill; Senate Democrats Vacation While Children Die

Well, it took a little doing, but my prediction finally came true. The House managed to pass a Border Supplemental Bill, days late, far short of the money the President asked for, and jammed to overflowing with conservative red meat. The final House bill, which has no chance of even being taken up by the Senate, since they’ve already left town, never mind passing, included the terms I have already blogged (here, here, here and here) plus additional language to stop the President from expanding his blatantly unconstitutional DACA program.

And the Senate, having reached an impasse on writing a bill that did not make changes to the 2008 Wilberforce law days ago, which changes would have chafed Harry Reid’s wilbur, gave up trying, also days ago, and boogied out of town to have a little taxpayer paid vacation as DHS and HHS run out of money to care for the tens of thousands of children captured in, and still struggling to cross, that godforsaken desert. In August. It’s unusually cool in Houston today, in the 70’s this morning, which is the kind of global warming I like, but I will bet you any odds you care to name it won’t last long. I’m not willing to take your money on the heads of murdered children, so I won’t offer a bet we’ll see some bodybags out of that desert later this month. I will predict it, though.

The President, predicably, was so eager to lie to the American people about the Republicans failing them on the border, he didn’t even wait for them to actually pass it before blasting them over it. Also predictably, the President did not get around to mentioning his partisans in the Senate failed to get any bill at all, and are not now prepared to meet the House R’s in conference to work something out. Fortunately, sane and responsible persons can see this for the election year posturing it is, and will properly assign the blame. Maybe the outraged troopers in the border patrol will deliver a few of those teeny-tiny body bags to the White House lawn.

This all happened yesterday, and my apologies for failing to get it written then. My day job got in the way.


themaskedblogger is a native born Texan, a registered voter and possessed of some minimal ability to read, write and think.

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