Less Flexibility at Work?

That’s Carrie Lukas’ take on the new regulations being promulgated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  In short, the regulations would require federal contractors to provide data to the EEOC “on employee compensation broken down by sex, race, job categories, and other categories”, all in the name of “transparency” and exposing “wage discrimination”.

Ms. Lukas’ most salient point is this:

Why offer a valued female employee a reduced work-schedule or less rigorous job duties (such as less travel or flexible hours) in return for lower take-home pay, even if that’s what she prefers, if that opens the company to accusations of discriminating against women?

We must make an effort to pass this along at every opportunity, especially to any women we know. Getting the government involved in anything, especially when we are talking about the Left’s idea of “equality” (read: equality of outcome), will make things harder on the very people the Left purports to be helping.  Specifically, it makes people less free to choose the kind of job they want so that it fits their lifestyle.

It is also another example of how the Left destroys relationships, including the employer/employee relationship.  Employers and employees have become less and less able to negotiate with each other without government interference, and these proposed regulations only exacerbate that situation.  In the end, it makes the work environment bad for everyone involved.

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