RE: Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Killed by Illegal Immigrants

Why is this not an outrage?

Why?  Because who knows about this outside of Texas, and maybe even outside of the community where this horrible incident occurred?  I have not heard anything about it on the mainstream news.  It is always important to note what the mainstream media does not cover.  They will not cover things that will hurt the Leftist narrative.

So it must be shared with anyone and everyone at every opportunity.  We must beat the drum that, no matter how anyone feels about the illegal aliens already here and how we will have to deal with them, securing the borders is the first and most important thing that must be done before discussing anything else.  Well, securing the borders and enforcing the immigration laws.  I’d be happy to debate what to do with whoever is left after all that is accomplished.  But I will not discuss it until we have done those two things first.

The American people must take a stand on this.  We must be as united as we can be.  Especially if Obama decides to go full-dictator and provide any amnesty of any kind through his “pen and phone”.

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