Gallup: Independents “Strong Disapproval” of Obama Three Times Higher than “Strong Approval”

The latest Gallup polling on Obama’s approval rating shows self-described “independents” are not pleased with what the President is doing.

obama independent disapproval

39% “strongly disapprove” of the President’s handling of his job, compared with only 11% who “strongly approve.” That’s not a good sign for any President.

When all three groups (independents, Democrats, and Republicans) are added together, you still get more than twice as much strong disapproval as strong approval, 39% to 17%. In fact, the only group of the three where there is more strong approval than strong disapproval is — not surprisingly — Democrats.

It looks like Democrats are increasingly out of touch with that constitutes a good Presidential performance. If they continue this way, they may just find themselves the minority party for a while.


Conservative Wanderer is currently Editor-in-Chief of That's Freedom You Hear! That means anything that goes wrong can be blamed on him. Previously he was a contributor to the PJ Tatler.

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