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Re: Less Flexibility at Work?

Well, of course, you know the Leftist motto “rules for thee, but not for me”. More importantly, we don’t want them to do it anyway.  What we want is for people to understand that there is no such thing as

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RE: Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Killed by Illegal Immigrants

Why is this not an outrage? Why?  Because who knows about this outside of Texas, and maybe even outside of the community where this horrible incident occurred?  I have not heard anything about it on the mainstream news.  It is

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Less Flexibility at Work?

That’s Carrie Lukas’ take on the new regulations being promulgated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  In short, the regulations would require federal contractors to provide data to the EEOC “on employee compensation broken down by sex, race, job categories, and other categories”,

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Re: Why I Do Not Support Impeaching Obama

Excellent piece, CW. I myself am torn. I see your points regarding conviction and the leftist media and what happened with Clinton and agree that those are all things that should be considered before moving forward. But I also see

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Re: Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online Finally Jumps the Shark

Just as a follow up to my own post, here is more on how the children are being released to just anyone, no identity checks at all. How is this compassionate?  The children could be released to sexual predators and

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RE: In Praise of Term Limits

You are very welcome, the maskedblogger. I’m glad to hear that you will read Mr. Levin’s book.  If you don’t already know, the process of an Article V Convention, is already underway.  Many people are skeptical of it and Mr. Levin

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RE: Rick Perry 2016?

Thank you, themaskedblogger, for your thoughts. But he’s not as committed to the right as, for example, Mr. Obama is to the left. Mr. Obama has chosen lame duckitude for over four years now rather than move one iota to

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