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Trouble Brewing On Team Blue?

Mike Lillis over at The Hill is up today with a piece on communications troubles between the House Democrats and the President’s team (h/t Conservative Wanderer), which has started me to wondering if we’re beginning to see the formation of

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WV Dem Runs Away From Obama Support

Folks, being connected to Obama is getting downright toxic to Democrats. Just ask Natalie Tennant, who’s been Secretary of State since 2009: The campaign chairman for Democratic Senate nominee Natalie Tennant recently said Tennant agrees with President Barack Obama “on

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Democrats Getting Desperate?

Politico is up today– running in the lede position– with a couple of stories I wonder about; if perhaps they begin to show increasing Democrat desperation. The first describes the President’s new-found appreciation for the White House Press Corps. Mr.

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Another Democrat’s Racism Exposed on Twitter

Apparently a US Senator from Kentucky is not allowed to have a wife of a different race than he is. At least he’s not allowed according to Kathy Groob, Democratic operative in the Bluegrass state. As partisans prepared for the

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House Republicans (Finally) Pass Border Bill; Senate Democrats Vacation While Children Die

Well, it took a little doing, but my prediction finally came true. The House managed to pass a Border Supplemental Bill, days late, far short of the money the President asked for, and jammed to overflowing with conservative red meat.

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Big Obama Donor Gets Waiver from FCC

Well, well, well. Business as usual in the Obama Administration. A private-equity company owned by a campaign donor to U.S. President Barack Obama won a waiver from the Federal Communications Commission that may help it bid in airwaves auctions. Grain

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Are Younger Democrats Turning More Libertarian?

Thanks to today’s Morning Jolt, I was alerted to this NYT story that I might otherwise have missed. Although a majority of younger voters today are reliably Democratic, there are key issues on which they differ notably from their elders

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