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Re: Less Flexibility at Work?

Well, of course, you know the Leftist motto “rules for thee, but not for me”. More importantly, we don’t want them to do it anyway.  What we want is for people to understand that there is no such thing as

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Re: Less Flexibility at Work?

Krystyna, when is the EEOC gonna look at the Obama White House, which famously pays female staffers less than male, and also gives the females lower raises? I think the best place to start is right at the top. 😀

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Less Flexibility at Work?

That’s Carrie Lukas’ take on the new regulations being promulgated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  In short, the regulations would require federal contractors to provide data to the EEOC “on employee compensation broken down by sex, race, job categories, and other categories”,

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Re: Joni Ernst Gets Serious

I’m not an Iowan (my parents were, but I was born in California), but most of what I’ve heard from and about Joni, I like. However, I’m a bit troubled that she’s accepting the canard that the GOP is the

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More White House Hypocrisy on “Wage Gap.”

Most people who read blogs and pay attention to the news know by now that the Obama White House routinely pays female employees less than their male counterparts. Now comes a new report that, well, you’ll get the idea from

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