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RE: Boehner: Impeachment Talk a “Scam”

Just to expand a bit on CW’s piece this morning, most of Big Media is up with stories about the Democrats furiously fundraising and trying to drive midterm turnout with their imaginary impeachment scare. Politico, for example, has three pieces

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Boehner: Impeachment Talk a “Scam”

It kinda looks like Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) might have done the same calculations I did yesterday and decided that impeachment of Obama would be a net loser for the GOP right now. The Hill reports: The idea that Republicans

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Why I Do Not Support Impeaching Obama

To start with, I should point out that although I am Editor-in-Chief of this little blog, I am speaking only for myself here, and not for my colleagues, who are free to disagree with me if they wish. With that

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