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Obamacare Subsidies Struck Down in DC Circuit

My, we’re having a big day in court today! First, the DC Circuit found, in Halbig v. Burwell (a case I blogged about a week ago), that payment of the Obamacare subsidies in States using the federal exchange system was

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DOJ Refuses Special Prosecutor in IRS Mess

The Hill today reports Deputy Attorney General James Cole testified there would be no need for a Special Prosecutor on the IRS targeting saga. “It is very, very rare to use a special prosecutor,” … Cole told a House Oversight

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DOJ Fails To Investigate IRS?

Independent Journal Review is out today with new data on the IRS mess. Larry O’Connor quotes Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote, as saying they had not been contacted by either FBI, or DOJ, or the Treasury Inspector General

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Holder DOJ Investigating July 4th Float that Mocked Obama

The Eleventh Commandment for Democrats appears to be Thou Shalt Not Mock The One. The U.S. Department of Justice has sent a member of its Community Relations Service team to investigate a Nebraska parade float that criticized President Obama. A

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