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About Those Inversions…

My colleague, Conservative Wanderer, rightly chides the administration for their populist rhetoric regarding tax inversions after having helped Delphi to do the same in the Great Detroit Meltdown. Having done so, I can’t resist a reblog on the subject in

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Obama Administration Allows Crony to Practice “Tax Inversion”

A couple of weeks ago, The Masked Blogger posted about Obama railing against “Corporate Deserters,” referring to those companies that choose to have their official headquarters in another nation in order to avoid America’s confiscatory tax rates — a practice

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Washington Times Gets it Wrong on Taxes – Updated

The Washington Times is ordinarily a fairly conservative publication, so I was a little surprised to see this in a recent article: More than a dozen bills with costs that are not fully offset elsewhere in the budget have passed

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Obama Condemns “Corporate Deserters”

The President found time in his fundraising schedule today to make a speech at a technical college in Los Angeles, where he became the latest in a long line of prominent Democrats to rail against the practice of “inversion.” Inversion

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More Questions About the Lerner Hard Drive

Just up today, at least two non government affiliated IT experts, plus one former government operator, are questioning the destruction of  the Lerner hard drive: “Where is the paper trail?” asked Barbara Rembiesa, the head of the International Association of

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IRS: Lerner Emails Possibly Recoverable After All

According to Politico, IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane privately testified last Thursday before House Oversight that he is now unsure whether all of the backup tapes of the Lerner emails have been recycled. Kane is the lawdog charged

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DOJ Refuses Special Prosecutor in IRS Mess

The Hill today reports Deputy Attorney General James Cole testified there would be no need for a Special Prosecutor on the IRS targeting saga. “It is very, very rare to use a special prosecutor,” … Cole told a House Oversight

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