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House Republicans (Finally) Pass Border Bill; Senate Democrats Vacation While Children Die

Well, it took a little doing, but my prediction finally came true. The House managed to pass a Border Supplemental Bill, days late, far short of the money the President asked for, and jammed to overflowing with conservative red meat.

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Boehner v. Obama Suit On Track

It’s not every day we see history made in the beltway– especially with this Congress- but we got a smidgeon today. In a strict party-line vote, House Republicans voted to authorize Speaker Boehner to sue the president to compel him

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Re: Why I Do Not Support Impeaching Obama

Well said, CW, and to LadyKrystyna as well. I find myself in agreement with you both. Krys is perfectly correct when she says something must be done. And CW has the right of it when he observes making an attempt

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