Another Week – Another Chance

Tomorrow is Monday.

Monday has long been known as a day most people don’t look forward to.

For many it marks the end of a (hopefully) restful weekend, and the beginning of a whole new set of challenges at the job.

It seems as if for some time now we can’t make it through a week without some outrageous executive action (or inaction) slapping us up against the head.

I really long for the day when one of my biggest complaints about Obama was that his stupid Cash for Clunkers program was a waste of money – one does not create wealth by paying money to destroy assets.

Oh if only what we face these days was good old fashioned inside the Beltway wasting of money.

Let us see if we can get through one week without the Community Organizer in Chief foisting a scandal upon the American people.

And let us see if we can get through one week with a reasonable attempt by the Stupid Party, er, I mean the GOP, to put a finger in the damn.

(In the current political climate I dare not say “put a finger in the dike,” lest I be hounded by those who look like hounds for using an unfortunate homophone. I pray I can still say “homophone” without being attacked.)


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