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WV Dem Runs Away From Obama Support

Folks, being connected to Obama is getting downright toxic to Democrats. Just ask Natalie Tennant, who’s been Secretary of State since 2009: The campaign chairman for Democratic Senate nominee Natalie Tennant recently said Tennant agrees with President Barack Obama “on

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House Republicans (Finally) Pass Border Bill; Senate Democrats Vacation While Children Die

Well, it took a little doing, but my prediction finally came true. The House managed to pass a Border Supplemental Bill, days late, far short of the money the President asked for, and jammed to overflowing with conservative red meat.

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House Schedules Vote on Border Bill

The House today published their bill on supplemental funding for the border crisis, setting up a Thursday vote. The total package is $659 million, less than half the original $1.5 billion proposal, and several orbital radii from the President’s $3.7

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Why I Do Not Support Impeaching Obama

To start with, I should point out that although I am Editor-in-Chief of this little blog, I am speaking only for myself here, and not for my colleagues, who are free to disagree with me if they wish. With that

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The Great Warner-Gillespie Debate

It’s still late July, and about 100 degrees outside as I type in Texas, but I am beginning to sniff November in the air. Politico is up today with a story about the debate last night between incumbent Democrat Mark

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Re: Cracks in Dem Caucus Over Border Bill

I found this part of TMB’s earlier post the most interesting: A centrist Republican, Susan Collins of Maine, whom the Democrats will likely need to overcome a filibuster by conservative Republicans, calls the bill “a real dilemma.” “We need some

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Cracks in Dem Caucus Over Border Bill

More Democrat shenanigans over the border bill. It never rains but it pours, I guess. A lead item on Politico again, from this afternoon, is saying the Democrat Caucus is probably not going to get all their members on board

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