MSM At It Again

Honestly, I’ve never been able to tell if Big Media is so out of touch with reality they can’t see the truth, or if the mere thought is so horrible to contemplate they block it out to save their sanity, such of it as may remain. Our friendly, neighborhood lefties over at Politico have a headline high on the homepage this morning about the Kansas primary being the “Tea Party’s Last Shot.” They gleefully point out Roberts is ahead in the polls and observe:

If Roberts wins and Sen. Lamar Alexander fends off Joe Carr in Tennessee on Thursday, this will be the first cycle since 2008 in which no incumbent senator loses in a primary.

Top national Republicans privately concede that they are worried about an upset in Kansas, especially if fewer than 300,000 people turn out to vote during the height of vacation season. They fret that Roberts has not run an aggressive enough campaign, and that the X-ray story broke too soon in the campaign, allowing Wolf time to recover.

For some reason the media never seems to get the message the Constitutional conservatives don’t have to win in order to win. To be sure, in electoral politics, failing to take the seat limits your ability to influence events, but it does not eliminate it. Merely by existing, the Tea Party and aligned if not allied groups win merely by showing up, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Doing this drives the conversation in the small government, libertarian direction. Already they’ve been having a major effect . The only Republican this cycle who’s been bragging about “bringing home the bacon” from DC was Thad Cochran. Surely this is a step in the right direction?


themaskedblogger is a native born Texan, a registered voter and possessed of some minimal ability to read, write and think.

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  1. […] I have to say I think they’re missing the important point. As I blogged yesterday (down at the bottom in the link), the TP doesn’t have to win the election in order […]

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